Hawth prides itself on having an open door policy where gymnasts and coaches can work in a safe and friendly environment. This ensures every individual can reach their own potential in a friendly club.

To ensure this ethos is maintained we have 3 welfare officer, Sally-Anne Warner, Cheyenne Hitchcock, and Liz Webb.

The Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring all coaches and volunteers have gone through the necessary checks according to BG regulations.

Hawth has an extensive code of Conduct for parents, gymnasts and coaches which helps maintain a positive attitude within the gym. We also have an anti-bullying and equity policy, together with a disciplinary procedure all of which can be found on display at the gym.

If you or your child has any problems or issues, including poor practice, do not hesitate to contact one of these people.

You can call Sally-Anne using the office phone (01293 585327), or speak to her in the gym if you would rather.

Feel free to write Sally-Anne a message using the welfare officer's web-mail form.