Frequently asked questions

Waiting list and starting classes

What ages do Hawth Gymnastics run classes for?

We have a variety of session from 6 months to adult

What days of the week Hawth Gymnastics run classes? 

9:30am – 9:00pm weekdays and 9:00am – 4:00pm on a Saturday

Are all of Hawth Gymnastics’ classes based in the gymnasium at K2?

Yes, we are the sole operator of the purpose built gymnastics hall at K2 and run all our classes there.

Does Hawth run separate classes for boys and girls?

All of our pre-school sessions are mixed sex; our recreational sessions are separated in to boy’s and girl’s groups

Is there a waiting list to join Hawth Gymnastics?

Yes. We run our classes full and there is a waiting list to join them. At the moment this waiting list is closed for children over the age of 4 due to very high demand, we understand your frustration and appreciate your understanding when it comes to the waiting list. Many children who are waiting for a space attend our Holiday Sessions in the interim. ]

Does Hawth Gymnastics offer free trial sessions?

No. Our classes are booked for a half to begin with and then a full term after that. If you would like to get an idea if your child would like our classes, Holiday Courses are a great place to start.

My child has been attending pre-school classes and is now starting full time school, when will they get a recreational space?

Our preschool and recreational classes are separate. We put children on the recreational waiting list as soon as they join us as a pre-schooler but despite this we are unable to offer all of our school starters a space in their first term. We endeavour to get them back in to a class as quickly as possible. Many children who are waiting for a space attend our Holiday Sessions in the interim.

My friend’s child has been on the waiting list for less time than my child and they have been offered a space, what has happened?

Children on our waiting list are grouped by their year of birth and gender; it may be that the space that became available was unsuitable for your child. You may also have stated that you can only attend classes on a certain day; this will increase the amount of time you wait. We also may have tried to contact you and got no response – check with the office that we have your correct details.

About our Classes

Do classes run year round?

We run our preschool and recreational classes during West Sussex school term dates. If the schools break up mid week, we will always finish the week and end on a Saturday. Current term dates can be found here  

What does my child need to wear?

Anything that they can move about in freely but that is not too baggy. Leggings/shorts and a t-shirt is perfect. Leotards can be worn, and a club leotard and/or t-shirt can be purchased from the office – these are not compulsory. Please refrain from dressing children in dresses, skirts (including skirts attached to dance leotards) or tights with enclosed feet. Children are welcome to wear either socks or bear feet but please note that socks may be removed for certain activities and will be required for the trampoline (we have spares if they are forgotten).

What are Hawth’s policies on jewellery and hair?

British Gymnastics (our governing body) has a zero tolerance jewellery policy so everything must be removed. Newly pierced ears can be taped up but as soon as the studs can be changed they must be removed for gymnastics. Hair that touches the shoulders, on either gender, must be tied up. Please do not use large or decorated hair clips/bands as these are counted as jewellery.  

Can my child bring a drink or snack to the class?

We encourage our children to bring a drink (preferably water, NOT blackcurrant or fizzy) in to the class. This drink must be in a clearly labelled bottle that can be sealed without leaking. If the children do not have a drink bottle they will be offered a trip to the water fountain at the midpoint of the class. Food will be not needed during our classes (with the exception of all day holiday courses where a packed lunch required).

Will my child use all of your equipment?

Our classes operate on a 3 week cycle and within that time children will be offered a full range of equipment, please note that some of our bigger equipment is not suitable for all ages and therefore will not be used.

Are all your coaches’ qualified? Criminal record checked? What are your child-to-coach ratios?

We have 1 coach per 7 preschool gymnasts and 1:9 for our recreational groups. Every child will always be supervised but at least one British Gymnastics qualified coach and there may be other adults and trainee young coaches helping too. All of Hawth’s staff and volunteers are DBS (criminal record) checked and SGPC (Safeguarding & Protecting Children) trained.

How are the children in Hawth’s recreational classes grouped?

In the first week of term we group our children by gender (where applicable) and age. These groups are then adjusted as the coaches get to know the children to factor in ability and skill level. We do not groups friends/cousins/siblings together unless they are of the same age and ability  

Fees and Payments

How much do classes cost? 

Our current (April 2019) prices are £8/week for a preschool class and £8.10/week for a recreational class.

How often are fees due?

Fees are paid before the start of each school term (3 times per year)

How will you let me know when fees are due?

Email! At Hawth Gymnastics we do all of our communication via email please make sure we have your correct address!

What methods of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment.

Do I get a discount if I am a member of K2/Freedom Leisure?

No, although we share a building Hawth Gymnastics and K2 are run by separate companies

Do you offer a sibling or twin discount?

Unfortunately this is something we are unable to offer.

Can I pay my fees using childcare vouchers?

As we are a sports club, not a childcare facility we cannot accept childcare vouchers as payment

Are some sessions cheaper than others?

Sometimes bank holidays and/or gym closures cause missed session – which cause the cost of the term for that day to be slightly less than other days. However all classes are paying the same per hour.

You can view the fees and how to pay here

How much notice do I need to give to leave?

We ask for one month’s notice. Any remaining fees will be refunded.

Progress and Squads

Will my child work towards badges?

At Hawth we work towards British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards once per year. We also work towards them on our Holiday Courses. We do not group or grade children based upon these badges – they are done for fun only.

How can I find out how my child is doing?

Your child’s personal coach is the best person to speak to about this, come and see us at the office and we will arrange for you to speak to them at the next session. We do not routinely give feedback to all parents, as with nearly 1300 members this would be a near impossibility, but you are more than welcome to arrange a quick chat with your child’s coach.

Does Hawth Gymnastics have competitive squads? How can my child get in to a squad?

At Hawth our main priority is to have children keeping fit and having fun, no matter what their skill level, but we do also have gymnasts who train to National level in TeamGym and Men’s Artistic. These children train up to 20+ hours per week and represent the club and the region at events across the country. We have a comprehensive squad and development system to prepare gymnasts for our competitive groups; coaches within our 1 hour sessions identify children to be put forward for trials in our squads. They look for children who show a combination of body type/shape, strength, flexibility, rebound capacity, focus, and willingness to learn. We do not select children based upon the skills they currently have or the badges they may have achieved. If your child is not selected for a squad trial we ask that you respect our coaches’ experience, gymnastics is a VERY difficult sport and we have to be VERY selective.

My child is attending squad sessions at another club, can I transfer to Hawth?

Please contact the office ( and give details of your child’s current training. Please note that our squads are very full and we will always offer spaces to our existing members in the first instance.  


Are you in anyway affiliated with the Hawth Theatre? Can I pay me fees at the Theatre office?

No, there are lots of things in Crawley named “Hawth” (roundabouts, theatres, restaurants and gymnastics clubs to name a few!) because the piece of land that Crawley is built on has always been known as hawth (or hedged) land.


Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us