Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Uploaded by Hawth Gymnastics on 2014-12-14.

Men's Artistic gymnastics requires all round fitness through: strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination. Routines are performed on six pieces of apparatus: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

The Men's Artistic squad is coached by Richard Keasley, Tim Gates and Josh Bird. Richard is a level 4 coach, who moved to Hawth in January 2007. Tim is also a level 4 coach, and has been a member of Hawth GC since the club moved to K2 Leisure Centre in 2005.

Hawth have over 30 boys involved in this discipline. There is someone from the squad in the gym every night of the week and on Saturday morning.

The youngest boys in the group are six years old. Boys for these squads are selected by the Men's Artistic coaching team following an initial trial. The boys will be chosen if they demonstrate natural physical requirements and potential. These younger boys then train twice per week for two hours per session. The gymnasts follow a training programme designed to increase strength, flexibility, speed and stamina which will allow them to develop the required skills at a later stage. Regular attendance is very important for gymnasts in these squads.

These boys begin competing as they reach nine years old. Gymnastics is a demanding sport and squad members and their families need to have enormous commitment. In order to be successful, a squad gymnast will need to attend regularly, be committed to their training programme and develop a high level of self-discipline. The older boys train four times per week (16 hours). As well as this, the boys will sometimes train on a Sunday with other clubs to widen their experience and knowledge.

Hawth has hosted the grades qualifier competition since 2006. This event attracts the best Men's Artistic gymnasts from across the South East region (Sussex, Surrey and Kent). The competition decides who will represent the region at the grades finals. Hawth gymnasts have represented the region at the national Grades finals every year since 2007. Boys who do well at the finals event are treated to training camps with the national coaches at the national sports centre in Lilleshall, a reward which Hawth's boys often enjoy. Those who compete the elite level grades can be considered for the Great Britain National Squad. In 2013 Hawth had it's first gymnast (Anton Adewale) selected for the squad - we hope he will be the first of many!

Hawth often has entries at many other Men's Artistic events across the country including: London Open, Pegasus Open, Sussex Championships, British Championships. Do make the effort to come and watch us, you will not be disappointed.