November 4th - 6th 2016. Competition Results

Hawth Gymnastics had a very busy weekend in both Crawley and Birmingham with our TeamGym and Men's Artistic Squads out to impress.

Men's Artistic National Grades Finals - Birmingham

Club Level 1

Hawth Gymnast Alfie finished in 17th place (out of 64) with a total score of 59.750. The South East team that he was representing finished in 2nd place and brought home the silver medal. 

Club Level 2

James finished in 16th (out of 69) place with a total score of 59.30

Club Level 3

Out of 53 gymnasts, Frank came in 31st (59.85), Reece in 17th (62.40) and Linus in 4th (64.40). Linus also scored a perfect 10.00 on vault and has been invited to a reward camp at Lilleshall National Sports Centre

Club Level 4

Jake finished in 37th place out of 53 gymnasts with a total score of 57.65

Club Level 5

Ciaran finished in 29th place with a total score of 42.050

Club Level 6

Louis finished in 2nd place and took home the silver medal with a score of 62.20. He as been invited to join Linus at the reward camp at Lilleshall.

Elite Level 1

Jasper finished in 15th place out of 57 gymnasts with a total score of 70.95. His South East team were crowned the national champions and took home the gold medals.

Elite Level 4

Cody scored 55.850 and finished in 21st place. Anton finished in 6th with 67.375

Hawth Gymnastics TeamGym Open - Crawley

Level 6 Mini

Two teams of girls from our Saturday classes who train just 2 hours a week competed, many of  them for the first time, the girls coped well with the pressure and finished in 11th and 12th place. 

Level 5 Mini

Our girls from our Friday 3 hours finished in 2nd place out of 9 teams and brought home a set of silver medals.

Level 4 Mini

In a competitive group of 10 teams from around the country Hawth had 3 teams. The Mini Boys finished in 8th, the Primary Girls B in 7th place and the Primary Girls A in 2nd place.

Level 4 Youth

Hawth's girls finished in 1st place with the highest tumble and trampette scores out of 8 teams. 

Level 4 Youth (Full Team)

Hawth's girls, some of who have only recently moved up to the squad, finished in 2nd place.

Level 3 Youth 

Hawth had two teams of boys in this section, who finished in 3rd and 5th places. Many of the boys successfully put out new skills. 

Level 2 Junior

Again there were two teams of boys representing Hawth in this section - the team's finished in 1st and 3rd place - with some of the highest score of the entire day.

Level 1 Senior

Hawth's team of senior men saw off teams from Waterside and Majestic to finished in 1st place with the highest total score of the day. Their trampette routine, which finished the day, was remarked on by both the judges and the audience as a highlight of the day!