Grades Finals (MAG)

16 Hawth boys represented the south-east region after gaining places in the teams at the regional qualifier in September. 8 of the 12 teams contained Hawth gymnasts.

Linus Carminger was placed third in the Development 1 team. Rece Besley also made the top 10, and Frank Rice scored well with 57.45.

There were 3 Hawth boys in the Development 2 team: Adam Bennet, Jake Betts and Cody Trueman. This team was placed second, and Cody was first.

The Development 3 team, with Michael Roach, was placed third.

There was not enough gymnasts to make a team in Development 4. Louis Gibson, Jamie Dejong and Mark Szalma competed. Louis was placed 4th overall, making him the fourth gymnast in the reward camp. 

Tom Killick and Karl Hibberd were in the Development 5 team. Tom was placed second, and the team was third.

Patrick Smith and Archie Baker competed in their last ever grades in the Development 6 team, which was placed third.

B.G. run a reward camp for the top gymnasts at development grades. There are 5 Hawth gymnasts going to the camp: Linus, Reece, Cody, Louis & Tom.

Anton Adawale came fifth in the Elite 2 team.

Harry Harrod competed in the Elite 5 team, which was placed first.

The south-east region was awarded the Blakborough trophy for the best overall performance at Elite grades.