New Starters

(This page provides important information for the parents of children who have been offed at place at Hawth. If you have not yet been offered a place, please see the waiting list page. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to a new member form, this page is password protected) 

Please take a few moments to read through our rules and regulations

"The aim of Hawth Gymnastics is to provide a safe, effective and child friendly environment in which members can participate in gymnastics activities under the guidance of appropriately qualified coaches" 

Hawth Gymnastics is a British Gymnastics registered club.

At Hawth we have adopted British Gymnastics (BG) policies for child protection, equity and codes of contact. All members, coaches, officials and parents must adhere to these polices, which can be found on the BG website.

 We pride ourselves in our own codes of conduct and policies which have been written by our welfare officer in conjunction with our parent network and management staff. Copies of these policies can be found on the downloads page.

Hawth Rules 

  • All members (gymnasts and parents) must abide by the Hawth Gymnastics codes of conduct
  • Fees must be paid in advance on or before the given pay by date
  • One months notice of intention to leave must be given to the office in person or by email.
  • All sessions in a term are invoiced for, even those missed due to family holiday. Exceptions will be made for long term illness or injury
  • All members must be registered to British Gymnastics through their insurance & membership scheme
  • All gymnasts must follow any and all safety instructions given by the coaches
  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn in the gym
  • No food to be consumed within the gym
  • Drink bottle are encouraged but should be in sports bottles (no glass or box/pouch drinks). Water is preferred and fizzy drinks are not allowed. 
  • Please keep item brought in to the gym (school bags, shoes, coats etc) to a minimum. 

General Information

  • Payment can be made online, or by cash/debit card at the office. Our preferred payment method is online. You can read more about how to pay here
  • British Gymnastics insurance and membership is renewed on 1st October for existing members and on joining for new members
  • You will be able to view your child's class from outside the gym via our two large windows at the front of the gym. Fun for Baby and Adult & Child parents will enter the gym with their children but must abide by the rules
  • We will endeavour to keep our child to coach ratio to 9:1. Within each recreational class the children will be put in to ability groups. A child may stay at the same day and time but move up within that class. Some groups will progress together, eliminating the need for any group changes at all. 
  • If you have any questions you can check our FAQs or ask at the office