For those of you whose little ones are taking the big step of attending full time school in September, we would like to explain the procedure for getting a place in one of our after-school junior recreational classes.

We offer Junior classes from Monday through to Friday with 2 classes also held on Saturday morning.

Sadly, we are unable to guarantee a space for your child in September as we have a rather large waiting list, especially for our junior recreational classes.

You can however be assured that, when your child started with us, their name was automatically placed onto our junior recreational class waiting list. Therefore some of your children may have been on this waiting list for a number of years already.

In our experience we have observed that it can be a benefit if your child does not start a junior class right away. We have found that the demands of full-time school are too great on top of starting a gymnastics class. With this in mind, we aim to bring the young ones into one of our junior classes held earlier in the week (either Monday or Tuesday at 4:00pm), when they have more energy to help them cope.

Once again please be reassured you will receive a phone call from Marion offering you a place in a Junior class, when your name comes to the top of the list and they are settled at school. 

Thank you for your patience and continued interest in our sport. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff or contact us on 01293 585327.

Many Thanks
Hawth Gymnastics