SUNDAY 14th JULY 2019

Example Routines

Below are the set floor routines for all children who train one hour per week.

The videos are near-perfect examples for guidance purposes.

Each routine contains 5 moves, children may add an additional “free move” on to the end of this (this is not shown in the video)

Children born in or before 2008, or children who train 2 or more hours a week, will have individual routines made up by their coaches.

2014 Birthdays

Forward roll to straddle sit (3s)

Rock and roll to stand

Straight jump

Bent leg balance (3s)

Bunny jump

Free move

2013 Birthdays

Forwards roll

Star jump

Down to one knee, then two, then sit

Dish (3s) roll roll to arch (3s)

Front support, squat, stand

Straight leg balance (3s)

Half handstand

Free move

2012 Birthdays

Start on knees

Front support (3s), lower to floor

Roll to back, rock and roll to stand


Forwards roll

Tuck jump

Straight leg balance (3s)

Free move

2011 Birthdays

Cartwheel – cartwheel

Jump half turn

Forwards roll to straddle stand

Jump and join legs, rock back to long sit

Bridge or half lever

Rock to stand

Any handstand variation

Free move

2010 & 2009 Birthdays

Any handstand variation

Round off (or cartwheel 1/4)

Arabesque or y-scale

Jump full turn

Any backwards roll variation

Free move