Grades Qualifier (MAG)

13 March 2011, K2 Leisure Centre.

Hawth hosted this event, which decides who will represent the south-east region at the national grades finals, to be held in Birmingham in May. Hawth entered 14 gymnasts, so we had a busy day. Many of the Hawth boys will go on to compete at the national finals. 

Acer were there taking photographs. You will need a password to view them; ask in the gym if you are interested.

Many thanks to all the parents who helped out during the day, setting up the gym the day before, and then packing it all away again at the end of the day.

Level 1

Michael Roach came 6th with a score of 58.25. Ciaran Thompson scored 54.0 and Christian Given scored 49.50.

Level 2

Louis Gibson won this category with a score of 64.60. Danny Ross-Horton was second with 64.40. Tom Hamlin came 4th with 62.30. Jamie Dejong was not far behind with 59.40.

Level 3

Harry Harrod won this group with a score of 65.25. Tom Killick was third with 62.05.

Level 4

Archie Baker came third with 60.85. Patrick Smith was only just behind him (59.45). Marcus Jones scored 55.70 and Jordan Colyer scored 52.20.

Level 6

Daniel Lee was the only competitor in this group. He scored 52.85.