Club Fees

Hawth fees are split in to 2 parts; "tuition fees" and "membership fees". All members have to pay each part. There is an annual increase in fees on 1st April.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees will vary for each class. Members who train more hours will have to pay more per week than those who only train one hour per week. Use the down-loads from this page to see the fees payable for your class.

Recreational gymnasts

Tuition fees are payable once per term. The current rate for gymnasts who train one hour per week or less at Hawth GC is £6.10 per hour (£5.15 for a 45 minute pre-school lesson).

Membership fees

Participants in our classes have to be members of Hawth Gymnastics. Hawth Family membership is currently between £2.00 and £10.00 per family.

All our members must be members of British Gymnastics. This is an annual payment that runs from October to September each year. For more info Visit the BG web-site. Once on the BG website, look at Gymnasts & parents, then Gymnast Membership.

Use our calculator to work out how much your membership fees are.

How to pay

There are several ways you can pay. Please click here for more information.