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About Team-gym

Team-gym is a team event consisting of three sections: women, men and mixed teams. Each team contains between 6 and 12 gymnasts. Team-gym has been a major gymnastics event in Scandinavia for over 20 years.

Team-gym competitions include three exercises: Floor, Trampette and Tumbling, each of which require effective team work to include spectacular acrobatic elements. Each exercise is performed to music; the choice of music increases the thrill of the event, these events generate exciting events for spectators.Team-gym competitions are attractive to both the media and sponsors.

Gymnasts often find they are able to compete in Team-gym right in to adulthood. It is not unusual to see team members in their late 30s and older. If you're fit and willing, you can participate in this sport for a lifetime.

The spirit of the Team is what gives this sport a life of its own. The challenges are for a group, not an individual. This sport will give you "friends for life".


The floor exercise is performed on a non-sprung mat to music. All team members must participate in the exercise. The floor exercise encourages good teamwork and expressive presentation. The elements performed should suit the music as well as the ability of the team members. The team aims to demonstrate linked and expressive movements in synchronization.


Teams perform 3 tumbling "streams"; only six members from the team can perform in each stream. Tumbling takes place on a long tumbling lane. Each stream consists of three elements or more, with team members performing in quick succession close to one another.


Teams perform 3 streams containing a mixture of twisting saltos and double rotations. At least one of the three streams passes over the vault. Only six members from the team can be chosen for each of the streams.